Travel Town Train Museum Wedding Griffith Park | Jeannie + Fred

I had the pleasure of photographing a truly unique Vintage themed wedding for Jeannie and Fred at the Griffith Park Travel Town Train Museum. They were the first couple to have their wedding at this location. Melissa Allen from The Ebell LA did an amazing job of coordinating the event. Everything was decorated in a 1940’s theme. Guests arrived in 40’s attire complete with zoot suits and vintage dresses and sipped themed cocktails like “the Jimmy Stewart”. They had a Big Band play live and even offered swing lessons for their guests. It was one of the most unique weddings we’ve ever photographed!

Update: This wedding has now been featured in Brides Magazine!

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  • Melissa Kay AllenNovember 7, 2012 - 6:38 AM

    How fun to have come across this post today!! Wasn’t that a fabulous wedding idea? I loved that Jeannie and Fred knew EXACTLY what they wanted to do, and it was accented with so many special touches: their vintage-prop centerpieces, the big band (Geo Valle Big Band), the catering was delicious (thanks for Chris from Truly Yours) and the highlight being the moment Fred joined the band on a sax solo – so remarkable; one of my fondest weddings, too.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
    (The Ebell of Los Angeles)