Sherwood Country Club Wedding with Vincent and Isabel

Sherwood Country Club Wedding with Vincent and Isabel

by Andrea Schmitt

This Sherwood Country Club Wedding with Vincent and Isabel was really a special one. Vincent Mastrangelo, with a name like that you have no choice to be a good looking, sharp dressed, stand up guy from back east. Vinny is that guy. And on a warm summer day at Sherwood Country Club, he married the sweet and beautiful love of his life Isabel. Vincent took a lot of care in picking out his custom tailored grey 3 piece suit. And for the perfect accessory he had a family heirloom timepiece which added extra sentimental value.
He may look sharp, but the bride always shines brighter, and Isabel was stunning. Isabel also added some sentimental touch, which was to sew her “something old and something blue” into her dress. I love such carefully thought out details.

The emotion started as soon as the first look took place and Vinny saw Isabel for the first time before the ceremony. We always recommend doing a first look and this is a big part of the reason. They shared an emotional private moment and Vincent had tears of joy when he turned to see her for the first time. We all got choked up!

Like most girls, I love flowers, so every wedding when the flowers arrive, they catch my attention. Florist is n artist. Her expertise and passion for flowers is obvious in her arrangements. I can capture a picture but you’ll have to image the scent!

The emotion continued during the ceremony and few dry eyes as they read their personally written vows. A very close friend officiated the wedding, and like a good friend should, he started it out with a joke and ended it with shot of Jamison’s Irish Whiskey! This kicked off a hopping party and heartfelt toasts.

Some brides these days like to change into a party dress midway through the reception, so when Isabel came on the dance floor with her new dress she was surrounded by more oohs and ahhs and crazy dancing.
We wrapped up the night, by sneaking the happy couple away for one last romantic shot under the cloudless star filled summer night. They look amazing right!?


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