San Ysidro Ranch Wedding Santa Barbara | Scott + Kejuen

San Ysidro Ranch Wedding Santa Barbara | Scott + Kejuen

San Ysidro Ranch Wedding Santa Barbara | Scott + Kejuen. There is a reason why people come to Santa  Barbara from all over the world.  Even Oprah has has home in Montecito, and personally I can see why.

I’m a west coast girl.  I may be biased but it’s places like San Ysidro Ranch that keep Santa Barbara on the map in travel magazines and on honeymooners’ list.

If you want historic and organic beauty for your wedding day, come to the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecido.  Scott and Kejuen chose to be married here on a picturesque California weekend in June.  

Anticipating the June rain that barely came, this group from NYC didn’t let that stop the party that resumed for basically 24 hours straight!  The entire bridal party was full of fun energy and so so so much fun! And damn good looking if I may add.

Kejuen’s presence was one of pure loveliness.  The 2 piece dress by — was perfection and she wore it with such elegance… Just look at this photo. Straight from a magazine! 

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So, at mid reception toasts, we never know what to expect.  But, today was a first! What a surprise when sister/and matron of honor, grabbed a sword, yes a sword, and a bottle of champagne, and proceeded to open it with success!

As a west coast girl, I must admit that the last song of the night made me wish I was a east coast girl.  When the live band-which absolutely kicked ASS by the way-( see below) played ‘New York’, by Alicia Keys, the crowd was fueled.  

Under cool skies and star filled night, the music ended, but this party wasnt ending!  A few golf carts hijacked, and a party bus proceeded to the next stop which I’m sure continued on into the wee hours of the morning.  

Damn, you New Yorkers can party! 

by Andrea Schmitt

Wedding Venue: San Ysidro Ranch  

Wedding Coordinator: Tonya Szele – Soigné Productions | Contact:

Band: LA Allstars | Contact:
Hair and Makeup: La Rouge | Contact:
Lighting: Cristina Bentley – Bella Vista Designs | Contact:,
Harp/Violin: Laurie Rasmussen: Contact:

To inquire about our services, please contact our studio directly at or call us at 805.222.5064.

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