Rancho Del Cielo Malibu Wedding  |  Sam and Kevin

Posted by Andrea Schmitt

There is something very magical about having your wedding at Rancho Del Cielo Malibu.  Rancho Del Cielo translates to “Ranch in the Sky”, so appropriately, it is high up in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking Malibu.  The steep windy road takes you high above the majestic coast rewarding you with breathtaking 180˚ views of sky and ocean.  We’ve had the pleasure of photographing several weddings here and it’s a pretty amazing place to exchange vows.

The weather was perfect, and the vast sky and ocean view made the ceremony very moving.  Samantha brilliantly brought her vision to life for her dream wedding.  Just look at these colors!  The rich orange and yellow hues mixed perfectly with the raw natural surrounding of Rancho Del Cielo.  Some of her fun details required guest participation-from a personalized sign in a book, to “Mad Libs’ with wedding themes; to a creative advice/art board.  I love it when I see new and creative ideas!

In contrast to their sweet exchange of vows, Sam and Kevin put on matching converse and performed a sassy and fun synchronized dance, that had the guests on their feet rocking out and cheering them on!

With the gorgeous details, vast ocean views and stellar sunset, Sam and Kevin will no doubt look back on a perfect wedding day!


Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_001 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_002 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_004 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_005 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_006 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_007 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_008 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_009 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_010 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_011 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_012 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_013 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_014 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_015 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_016 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_017 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_018 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_019 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_020 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_021 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_022 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_023 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_024 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_025 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_026 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_027 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_028 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_029 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_030 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_031 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_032 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_033 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_034 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_035 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_037 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_038 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_039 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_040 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_041 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_042 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_043 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_044 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_045 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_046 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_047 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_048 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_049 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_050 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_051


Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_055 Rancho-del-Cielo-Wedding_056



Venue: Rancho Del Cielo– Avesta

Coordinator: goin 2 the chapel events

Video: Alan Larsen Films

Caterer: Truly Yours Catering

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Foley Winery Santa Barbara Wedding  |  Stephanie and Juno

Written by Andrea Schmitt 

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in California is the variety of beautiful wedding locations we get to photograph.  Foley Winery is one of the most beautiful wineries in Santa Barbara Wine Country.  Take the amazing scenery, delicious wine, add a vivacious, fun loving couple and a full moon…and you’ve got one hell of a party!

Guests were transported from the nearby Marriott Hotel to Foley Winery by a vintage open-air trolley serving sparkling wine. Upon arrival, refreshments included homemade cupcakes by Enjoy Cupcakes made with, yes, wine of course!  The adorable vintage cupcake trailer served as the perfect way to welcome the guests.

Even though Juno didn’t get to skydive into the ceremony like he wanted, it was still a lively one delivered with an air of playful romanticism that fit perfect with this couple.  And of course it was gorgeous, as it overlooked the luscious green vineyards, and was accented with amazing flowers of pinks and purples.

Rebecca coordinator extraordinaire from  Imagine Weddings & Events always produces the perfect event. Almost too perfect tonight, as guests didn’t want to leave! They had all night entertainment with the DJ rocking the house; chocolate bar, caramel fountains; and the always entertaining Photo Booth from Peek-a-Booth Photobooth!

Thanks guys for a wonderful day!

Foley Estates Vineyard & Winery
Rancho Santa Rosa
6121 E. Highway 246 (CA-246)
Lompoc, California 93436

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Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_001 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_002 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_003 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_004 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_005 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_006 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_007 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_008 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_009 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_010 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_011 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_012 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_013 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_014 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_015 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_016 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_017 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_018 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_019 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_020 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_021 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_022 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_023 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_024 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_025 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_026 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_027 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_028 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_029 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_030 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_031 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_032 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_033 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_034 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_035 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_036 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_037 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_038 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_039 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_040 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_041 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_042 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_044 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_045 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_046 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_047 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_048 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_049 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_050 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_051 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_052 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_053 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_054 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_055 Foley-Vineyard-Wedding_056

We had the pleasure of filming the first Dem White Boyz music video Keep Ur Eyes on Me at our studio last month. Cole, Baylor and John Stephen are the Vine sensation known as Dem White Boyz who have a huge following (over 3 million at last count) amongst teen girls for their shirtless twerking. The song was written and directed by Tim Miner.


Dem White Boyz Music Video Keep UR Eyes On Me

Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara Wedding

Written by Andrea Schmitt

There are few wedding venues that rival the beauty of the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. This Spanish-Mediterranean style hotel, considered one of the top wedding venues in California, is located at an incredible location right on the beach, and I can understand why Christian and Katherine chose it for their dream wedding. If you’ve never been, you must!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked like they were pulled from a wedding magazine spread, and Katherine looked like a supermodel with her stunning Jinza Jin Couture Bridal Dress and red soled Christian Louboutin heels.  They were a fun and beautiful group, with dance moves to boot! As you can see Christian and his entourage had me laughing from the start.  ‘Beautiful on the inside and out’, seemed to be the common theme with this couple, and the toasts were a testament as to what wonderful people Katherine & Christian are.  They really are a perfect match.

One of the highlights of the evening was the surprise dance that the couple had planned.  Christian showed off his charming dance moves and Katherine was swept off her feet to accompany him on the dance floor. The crowd roared and the dance floor got packed!  Then as a sweet ending of the night, Katherine surprised her new husband with his Canadian favorite – Poutine (fries & gravy).  So, like something out of a movie, the Canadians in the house began singing their national anthem. Gotta love those Canucks!

Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_001 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_002 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_003 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_004 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_005 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_006 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_007 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_008 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_009 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_010 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_011 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_012 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_013 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_014 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_015 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_016 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_017 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_018 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_019 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_020 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_021 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_022 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_023 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_024 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_025 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_026 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_027 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_028 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_029 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_030 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_031 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_032 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_033 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_034 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_035 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_036 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_037 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_038 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_039 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_040 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_041


A big thanks to Rebecca with Imagine Weddings and Special Events, as she always manages to make her events perfect.

Santa Barbara Vendors used:

Bridal Gown: Jinza Jin Couture Bridal, San Francisco, CA

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Cake/Dessert Bar: Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, CA

Caterer: Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, CA

DJ/Band:  Gavin Roy Presents – Gavin Roy

Florist: Laura Sangas, Cody Floral, Santa Barbara, CA www.codyfloral.com

Makeup: Tomiko Taft, Santa Barbara, CA,  www.tomikotaft.com

Hair:  Kendal Shira, San Francisco, CA, Cinta Salon

Invites: Lazaro Design, Santa Barbara, CA

Officiant: Rev. Suzanne Dunn, Pastor, Santa Barbara, CA

Planner:  Rebecca Gigandet, Imagine SB, http://www.imaginesb.com

String Quartet – The Aurora Ensemble, http://theauroraensemble.com


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