Nature Engagement Session in Malibu|Kate and Mike

I had such a great time shooting this nature theme engagement session with Kate and Mike in Malibu and I can’t wait for their upcoming wedding.






















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Sherwood Country Club Wedding Photography

Here are some wedding photos from Mandi and David’s beautiful wedding at the amazing Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks CA.


Sherwood Country Club

Chris_Schmitt_Photography-002 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-003 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-004 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-005 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-006 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-007 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-008 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-009 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-010 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-011 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-012 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-013 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-014 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-015 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-016 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-017 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-018 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-019 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-020 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-021 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-022 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-023 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-024 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-025 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-026 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-027 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-028 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-029 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-030 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-031 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-032 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-033 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-034 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-035 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-036 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-037 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-038 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-039 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-040 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-041 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-042 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-043 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-044 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-045 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-046
Chris_Schmitt_Photography-048 Chris_Schmitt_Photography-049



Sherwood Country Club 320 W Stafford Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

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Union Station Los Angeles Wedding |Kristi and Mark

By Andrea Schmitt:
The downside to photographing a wedding for a friend is having to keep tissue handy to wipe the tears away while your shooting.  When we were 23, the bride, Kristi and I drove 8 hours through the desert in a Uhaul and moved to Las Vegas. Both Vegas and us would never be the same. Enough said. And last Saturday, she married her prince!
A true urban couple, they got ready at the amazing Biltmore Millenium Hotel downtown L.A., and held their ceremony at Los Angeles Union Station! Chic Deco was the style and sweet love the theme.  When I first walked in to the room at the Biltmore, my excitement was that of an old friend, but as soon as I saw the dress, shoes, and flowers, the photographer in me kicked in.  The Biltmore Millenium is a photographers dream, and we could have shot here all day.  The ornate details, and the classic grand hallways of this hotel were absolutely incredible.  Mark and his entourage looked dashing as you can see in the perfect photo James captured below.  This being LA, of course there happened to be a filming production going on in the hotel, luckily the equipment and crew saw our “production” and everything stopped when they had their first look.  Their sweet moment of intimacy was priceless. (Tissue please).
Our next stop was Union Station.  Their walk alone hand in hand through the marbled hall with the massive windows was perfect, and quite a contrast to the crowded buzz of the other shots in the station.  The commuters loved seeing the bride and groom cruising around the station and we were often greeted with howls and hoorays.  Finally, we headed to the Fred Harvey Room where the ceremony began and her entrance down the old stairway had me and others misty eyed.
One of the highlights was the reading by the best man… “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…” let’s just say, their dry humor carried us through the ceremony quite well. (yes, you should now be humming corny Rick Ashley) Holding hands, exchanging hand written vows, they sealed the knot with a long kiss. Tissue please.

Have you seen the Fred Harvey Room in Union Station?  Devour these pics and go visit sometime, in fact, get married here and call me.  Who says we dont have historical buildings here in LA?Kristi and Mark’s day was so unique, so special, so real, and I know that they will have a long loving journey ahead.

Mad Libs anyone… hilarious!


A big thanks to James Abke, our lead studio photographer, for being my awesome wing man. James is an amazing photographer and we love working together. And Theresa from Hustle and Bustle Events who made the day run so smoothy and was  delight to work with!

Union Station Los Angeles Wedding

Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-002 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-003 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-004 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-005 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-006 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-007 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-009


Union Station Los Angeles Wedding |Kristi and Mark

Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-013 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-014 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-015 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-016

Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-017 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-018 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-019 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-020 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-021


Union Station Los Angeles Wedding


Union Station Bride

Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-024 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-025 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-026 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-027 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-028 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-029 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-030 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-031 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-032 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-033 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-034 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-035 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-036 Los-Angeles-Union-Station-Wedding-Pictures-037

Location: Biltmore Hotel and Union Station in Los Angeles
Event Planner: Theresa from Hustle and Bustle