Sherwood Country Club Engagement Pictures.

We don’t often get the chance or the time to explore the course for great scenic shots on wedding day, but for this engagement session, we did some major exploring. Of course it helps that my clients happen to live in Sherwood and are members of the club. This hole is simply amazing.





Sherwood Country Club Wedding with a Marine… and his Beautiful Bride

Written by Andrea Schmitt:

We all get bogged down with the everyday stresses of life.  The one thing that always puts things into perspective for me is when I read a story, see a show or see photos of people in military uniform.  I have a deep respect for the men and women in the military, so obviously it was an honor to spend an entire day with Marine and his lovely bride.  Julie and Matt got married at  one of our favorite wedding venues, Sherwood Country Club .

Any bride will tell you that planning a wedding is insane!  Now imagine planning a wedding on the short timeframe based on the schedule of an active Marine.  Julie along with coordinators Allison and Heather from Sherwood Country Club, kicked butt putting together this amazing soirée.  It was the sweet, elegant details that I noticed- I mean look at that cake topper! Perfect.

No tux here..Matt wore his Marine formals and looked the part. Marines are trained to handle the most difficult situations and don’t show fear very easily. And his wedding day was no exception.  His nerves were in check and he seemed very excited to marry the love of his life! As for our stunning bride, her entire look, was nothing but gorgeous!  I was going crazy over that veil.

As a father I would imagine giving away your daughter on their wedding must be one of the most emotional days of their life.  Julie’s father’s toast was filled with emotion, but also happiness in knowing that his daughter would be well taken care of by this wonderful man.  For all you fathers out there this is the type of guy you want your daughter to marry!  He even called dad and traditionally asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Julie and Matt may your journey be as beautiful as your wedding day!  And to both of you, thanks for the service and sacrifice for our country.

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Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-1 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-2 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-3 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-4 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-5 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-6 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-7 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-9 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-10 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-11 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-12 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-13 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-14 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-15 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-16 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-17 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-18
Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-20 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-21 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-22 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-23 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-24 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-25 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding-Photo-26


Sherwood Country Club 320 W Stafford Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361 (805) 496-3036

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Rustic Wedding at Hartley Botanical Garden. Featuring Josh and Kelly.

Written by Andrea Schmitt

If you want a beautiful rustic and romantic outdoor setting for your wedding, you must check out the Hartley Botanical Garden.  The venue has beautiful grounds surrounded by vine covered archways, winding walkways and a private intimate garden setting.

The botanical details of the day were everywhere from the napkins and invitations, the green accents of suspenders and shoes, to the roses on her dress.  This dress was an extravagant work of art -love love love it!  Also, look at the bouquet – crafted by hand as one enormous rose. Brilliant!

Another original detail was the beautiful stained glass Cross specifically designed, for Josh and Kelly by Paul Martinez. We set up a special night photography shot illuminating the cross and it turned out to one of my favorites from the wedding.

A vintage Rolls arrived in time for the romantics we shot of Josh and Kelly.

“The Beginning of a Sweet Life” was the sign for the dessert table.  What a cute detail, inviting all to enjoy these delicate desserts- Marble Cake Shots, Sugar Cookie Sammies, Peanut Butter Cupcakes… oh yeah.

Josh being a musician himself, wanted their friend, Brendan James to sing a song he wrote for the first dance.  What an amazing performer-no wonder he has over a million hits on YouTube-check him out!

We love it when the couples have the bartender pour themed Signature Drinks. Guests enjoyed the “Tangney Tonic” and our friend Matt Gudis from Who’s that DJ kept the guests dancing and it made for a great party!  For an end to this storybook romantic wedding, Josh and Kelly along with the guests lit up their sparklers to make for an awesome grand exit.


Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-1 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-5 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-4 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-3 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-2 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-13 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-12 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-11 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-10 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-9 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-8 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-7 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-6 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-21 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-20 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-19 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-18 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-17 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-16 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-15 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-14 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-29 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-28 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-27 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-26 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-25 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-24 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-23 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-22 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-37 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-36 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-35 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-34 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-33 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-32 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-31 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-30 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-38 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-39 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-40 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-41 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-42 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-43 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-44 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-45  Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-46 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-47 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-48 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-49 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-50 Hartley-Botanical-Wedding-Photo-51

Hartley Botanical 4465 Balcom Canyon Rd, Somis, CA 93066 (805) 297-5268

Delicious food from one of our favorites Command Performance Catering

Cake Goodness

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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal Destination Wedding | Cynthia and Nguyen

I just got back from photographing an amazing destination wedding with Cynthia and Nguyen at the amazing Gran Bahia Principe Akumal resort in Riveria Maya Mexico. First let me describe this enormous resort. The Gran Bahia Principe Akumal Resort south of Puerto Morelos has several adjoining resorts all connecting to one other on the beach about 10 miles north of Tulum. You have a choice in choosing your resort from Akumal, Tulum, Sian Ka’an and Coba properties. Together these resorts take up over a mile of gorgeous white sand beach along the Caribbean Sea. Each has it’s own set of Restaurants, Bars, Pools and Entertainment. The best part is since it’s an all-inclusive resort, you can hop from each property and enjoy all that each resort has to offer.

I arrived the day before their wedding and scoped out the property for ideas to shoot an hour before it was time to meet them for the first time. We met in the hotel lobby and soon we were joined by their entire wedding party which was great. So I took them on my tour and I started shooting a few casual and fun candids of their friends and family which was a great ice breaker. Walking the property I kept getting inspired with ideas I wanted to try and we just rolled with it.


Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-1 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-2 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-3 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-4 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-5 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-6 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-7 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-9


What happens at the Snack bar stays at the snack bar!Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-10

The Guys showing off for the ladies.


Suddenly everyone busted out moves from the Insanity Workout ! Loved it.Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-12 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-13 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-14 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-15

The next day they held their wedding and we started with the getting ready pictures followed by their first look. Below: Nguyen opens up a note sent over from his bride to be.Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-16 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-17 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-18 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-19 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-20


It was great to see Cynthia’s fathers expression when he saw her in her dress for the first time. That’s always one of my favorite moments on wedding day.

Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-22 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-23 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-24 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-25 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-26 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-27

The First Look:Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-28 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-29 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-30 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-31 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-32 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-33 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-34 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-35

What a moment with the tourists inside the Snack Bar crowd! Priceless.

Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-36 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-37 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-38 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-39 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-40

It was pouring rain outside just moments after the ceremony. So we picked a few covered spots to create some great portraits.


Cynthia and Nguyen were amazing and up for anything. Willing to get soaked on wedding day for a great picture. I love that!!!Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-42


Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-44 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-45 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-46 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-47 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-48 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-49 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-50 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-51 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-52

First Dance belowGran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-53



Raw egg smashing in face… hilarious.Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-56 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-57 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-58

As I mentioned earlier, this group was up for anything and when I suggested they all jump in the pool for a picture, they didn’t even hesitate. It helped that it was totally hot and humid. After I took these photos, I heard my name being chanted by the group…”Chris, Chris, Chris..” So I striped off my gear and took the plunge myself! Hey, you don’t have to ask me twice either! Unfortunately, there isn’t a photo of that. Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-59 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-60

Next day we headed out to the Tulum Ruins to start our Trash the Dress Session. It turns out it’s forbidden to take pictures at the ruins dressed in wedding attire. But that’s a whole other blog post! Did I let that stop me? Hmmmm.

Well for now, here are some Trash the Dress photos at one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen near the Tulum Ruins

Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-61 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-62 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-63 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-64 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-65 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-66 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-67 Gran-Bahia-Wedding-Photography-68


I had an amazing 3 days taking photos of these guys and their friends and family. I really love the whole experience of shooting destination weddings and I’m sure you can see why.

Chris Schmitt Destination Wedding Photography

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Villa Bellissima Wedding Photography in Cabo San Lucas

I just returned from yet another wonderful wedding in Cabo.  This  time at the luxurious Villa Bellissima in Pedegral Beach in Cabo San Lucas. It began with a rehearsal dinner at the Hacienda del Mar followed by a White Party at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar in Cabo. Irene and John were such a great couple. I couldn’t believe how calm and cool they were on wedding day. They were surrounded by a super fun wedding party and close friends and family. They married at the incredible Villa Bellissima Estate located in the Pedegral overlooking the Pacific. John’s father served as the officiant which was a really special touch. The Villa provided many levels to get creative angles and it was such a unique property for a destination wedding. We shuttled down to the beach for a few fun wedding party pictures before the ceremony and both the sunset and moonrise were spectacular that evening.

As my time was up, I got inspired and wanted to photograph Irene in the serene infinity pool  because it was so beautiful with the moon rising behind her. She agreed and then before I knew it, the entire wedding party jumped in the pool fully clothed which was awesome! That’s the sign of a great destination wedding.

A few highlight pictures are below.

To Reserve Villa Bellissima, contact Cabo Villas.

If you need a fantastic wedding planner in Cabo, you must call Rachel Hansen of Infinity Weddings.

And we all love photo-booths right? Dino at Memory Makers does a great service!




Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar White Party






Impressive Villa Bellissima in the Pedegral Cabo San Lucas




The gorgeous Bride!Villa-Belissima-Wedding-Pictures-Cabo_006
















 Villa Bellissima Wedding Photography in Cabo San Lucas

  • Hi Chris- I just love your photography! Irene you look stunning, I am so happy for you and John. I am so happy to have been a part of this beautiful wedding in Los Cabos!

    Rachel Hansen

  • Love those shots on the beach. It looks like it was an amazing wedding.