Foley Estates and Vineyard Wedding with Stephanie and Juno

by Andrea Schmitt

One of the best best things about being a wedding photographer in California is the variety of beautiful wedding locations we get to photograph. Today’s couples have so many choices such as Country Clubs, hotels,churches, beaches, parks, golf courses, and my favorite, weddings at wineries.

Foley Winery is one of the most beautiful wineries in Santa Barbara wine country. Close by the city of Buellton, this vineyard is worth the stop on any wine tasting tour. And for weddings, add a vivacious, fun loving couple like Stephanie and Juno, and a full moon and you’ve got one hell of a party!

One thing we love to capture as the groom is getting ready is his reaction to seeing the boudoir album we put together for him on wedding day. In Juno’s case, we’ve never seen a groom so excited… LOL! Guests were transported from the nearby Marriott Hotel to Foley Winery by a vintage, Santa Barbara Trolley, serving sparkling wine.  Upon arrival refreshments included cupakes by Enjoy Cupcakes made with yes, wine of course!  The adorable vintage airstream cupcake truck served as the perfect way to welcome the guests upon arrival.

The wedding site which overlooked the ripe vineyards was accented by lively pink and purple flowers and the ceremony had an air of playful romanticism that fit perfect with this couple. The ceremony ended with the tradition of Jumping of the Broom.

Rebecca from Imagine is a seasoned professional wedding coordinator and she always delivers a perfect event. Almost too perfect in face, as guests didn’t want to leave!  They had late night entertainment with the dj DeVoux Grant rocking the house!  We witnessed one of the coolest dances we’ve seen at a reception performed by Stephanie’s sorority girls. I’m not sure what it was called but it felt a little primal and it sure was sexy! A send off of chocolate and caramel fountains, and the wild Photo Booth photos!

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Calamigos Ranch House Wedding|Craig and Melanie

Calamigos Ranch is a favorite wedding venue of ours and is located in Malibu. For brides looking for a rustic wedding, vintage wedding or nature themed wedding, look at this beautiful venue first. It’s really beautiful and the property is so big (120 acres) that you have several choice of  different locations and themes.

Craig and Melanie are so in love and so cute together. Their intimate wedding was held at the Ranch House at Calamigos. Melanie looked simply  gorgeous and Craig cleaned up nicely himself. These guys were a lot of fun to get to know and we were honored to photograph their wedding.


Calamigos Ranch

327 Latigo Canyon Road

Malibu, California 90265 

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Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding028Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding030Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding031Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding032Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding033Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding034Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding035

Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding036Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding037Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding038Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding039Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding040Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding041














Bacara Wedding in Santa Barbara| Ryan and Tiffany

We had the pleasure of photographing Ryan and Tiffany’s wedding at the beautiful Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. The Bacara is the epitome of luxury and a photographers (and brides) dream wedding location. The first thing I noticed as we pulled into the large circular driveway was the beautiful fountain. I knew I wanted a picture of these guys in front of it at night. We met Alex, the event coordinator, who was awesome to work with and she graciously gave us a quick tour of the property before we began shooting.

As I was walking around Bacara I just kept getting inspired for picture ideas and I was looking for the right place to stage the “Reveal”. The Reveal , or First Look, has really become a popular addition to the wedding day and we love it when a couple decides to add this moment. It allows us to have more time with our clients for creative picture taking and we are able to photograph the majority of family pictures before the ceremony. This is great for both the couple and their families who wish to enjoy some of their cocktail hour with their guests.

I began taking pictures of Tiffany and her bridesmaids who were getting ready in the suite. They were such a fun group and it’s always funny to see the difference in 8 girls rushing to get ready vs. 8 guys getting ready. I sent Andrea over to take pictures of the guys and she found Ryan enjoying his gift of a fine bottle of Johnny Walker Green Label 15 year old scotch with his boys.

Next came the moment of them seeing one another for the first time that day and it was staged perfectly. That set the tone for the day as we enjoyed the ceremony on the bluff overlooking the ocean and the beautifully decorated reception that followed. Great tunes by DJ Matt Gudis kept the crowd dancing in a separate candlelit lounge room after dinner. This area was so cool with a dance floor, sofas to lounge in, and even an outdoor fire pit. I loved that setup.

Thanks Ryan and Tiffany. We had a blast!

Below are some of our favorite wedding pictures from the day



The gorgeous bride



The Cool Groomsmen


The Hot Bridemaids


Fun Wedding Party!



Bacara wedding ceremony location

bacara wedding photography_1

bacara wedding ceremony


bacara wedding photography_1

bacara wedding photography_1


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  • Stephanie

    I’ve been viewing several wedding photographer blogs in search of a good one for my own wedding next year in Santa Barbara and I really enjoy your photos! The angles, lighting, everything-just perfect. This wedding must have been a beautiful one to shoot, gorgeous bride and groom! The Bacara as well seems like a great place to hold a wedding (expensive much?). I can’t wait to start diving into the major details of my own wedding that will hopefully take place in Santa Barbara. I have a lot of family coming in from out of town and I’m looking for places to put them up in. I recently discovered a great hotel-the South Coast Inn ( Elegant as well as inexpensive! Loved it.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding featured on

We’re thrilled to see the beautiful Malibu wedding we photographed of Cybel and Sebastian has been featured on This was our first time at Malibu Rocky Oaks and what a place to get married! It sits high atop the mountain between Westlake and Malibu. This Tuscan/Mediterranean style villa has 360º views of the Santa Monica Mountains making it perhaps the most beautiful wedding venue in Southern California.

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Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-26

Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-31Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-32Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-22Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-21Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-20Rocky Oaks Vineyard Malibu CAMalibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Photos-14





Styles of Wedding Photography

Styles of wedding photography

When researching wedding photography, you may hear the word “style” come up and not know exactly what that means. Isn’t wedding photography just wedding photography? The answer is a ‘polite’ no. What is the difference in “styles” of wedding photography and what does this even mean? Simply put, the style in which a photographer shoots refers to the look, feel, posing techniques, lighting and even the types of photos they will be focused on taking during the wedding day. We feel that today’s wedding photographer should be versatile and knowledgeable in all styles of wedding photography, and perhaps specialize in a few styles that really set them apart from the rest.

For instance, when you look at our images, you will see a blend of styles.We always start with a Photojournalistic approach (capturing natural candids of friends and family, decor and details). If there is a first look involved, we will introduce our illustrative technique below and choose a beautiful location to let our couples enjoy the moment of seeing each other privately for the first time. All those pretty scenic shots on our website are shot with our illustrative style. Our background in photography comes from working on set with some of the most famous fashion photographers in the world and we love to incorporate some of this influence into our contemporary wedding portraiture. Who doesn’t want to look amazing on their wedding day and perhaps strike a fun pose? This is also a fun technique and a lot of fun to set up with wedding parties to look like they just came out of Vanity Fair or Vogue magazine.

Wedding Photojournalism: Originally favored by the news media, this informal, reality based approach is the current rage in wedding photography. Rather than posing your pictures, the photographer follows you and your guests throughout the wedding day, capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the story of your wedding. The photographer has to be able to fade into the background and become “invisible” to the crowd in order to get these candid or unposed shots. Since the photojournalist does not give direction, he’ll need a keen eye and a willingness to “do what it takes to get the shot.” We find that most of our couples prefer a blend of styles with this being the foundation.

Traditional, Classic: The main idea behind this timeless style is to produce posed photographs for display in a portrait album. The photographer works from a “shot list,” ensuring he or she covers all the elements the bride and groom have requested. To make sure every detail of the shots is perfect, the photographer and her assistants not only adjust their equipment, but also the background, the subject’s body alignment, and even the attire. This style is most common for the family portraits.

Natural Light: Rather than using a camera flash, photographers use the natural light found in a setting, usually daylight. The look is warm and, well, natural—yet the photographer must be skilled to deal with shadows and other lighting challenges. The thing to watch out for are the photographers who express that they are strictly a “natural light photographer”. This is great if you like this style…but what happens when the sun goes down? We’ve found many of these photographers struggle and have very little experience when it comes to using flash correctly at the reception and knowing the correct camera settings.

Fashion: Commercial photographers excel at creating striking photographs that dramatize the subject—and, of course, her clothes! Though not a style generally included in wedding photography, you may want to choose a photographer with high fashion experience if looking artsy and glamorous while showing off your dress is important to you. If you like the way the photos look in Vogue, Vanity Fair and Bridal Magazines, look for a photographer with a background in shooting Fashion.

Portraiture: Traditional photographers generally excel at the precision required in portraiture—formal, posed pictures that emphasize one or more people. Couples interested in a more edgy result may prefer Fine Art Portraiture, with its dramatic lighting, unique angles and European flavor.

Illustrative Photography: This style, which we often use for engagement photos and wedding day, is the perfect blend of traditional and photojournalistic, with an emphasis on posing, lighting and background. The photographer places subjects together in an interesting environment and encourages them to relax and interact and have fun. Illustrative captures some of the spontaneity of candids, while offering the technical control of posed shots.

So now that you’ve read about the various photography do you communicate to your photographer which style you like? Simply show them images from weddings that you love and they will get a sense of your style!

Styles of wedding photography


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