Sherwood Country Club Wedding Pictures

Sherwood Country Club is one of our most favorite luxury wedding destinations. The beautiful grounds and clubhouse at Sherwood Country Club will astound your guests! Experience the luxury that awaits you behind the gates of Sherwood Country Club in Westlake, California.

Sherwood Country Club is surrounded by Lush green hills, ancient oaks and beautiful roses. It’s a perfect location to host your wedding.

We have photographed many weddings at this prestigious country club and would love to discuss photographing your wedding here..

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Sherwood Country Club Orthodox Jewish Wedding | Brian + Naomi

We had a great time photographing Brian and Naomi’s wedding at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks. This was a beautiful traditional Jewish Orthodox wedding complete with the Tish and Bedeken ceremony. Naomi has a way of looking through the camera lens that is really amazing. She can definitely strike a pose. I’ve never seen a couple change into running shoes for the first dance before and I kept waiting for them to bust out into the “running man”.

Two things I really love about Jewish weddings. One, the Jewish culture really knows how to party. I’ve never been to a “boring” Jewish wedding! And two, the bride and groom always see one another before the ceremony to sign the Ketuba and marriage license. So because of this, we can usually meet a couple hours before the ceremony and have lots of photo time for the getting ready pictures, first look and family pictures before the ceremony. We always prefer this since the more time we have on wedding day for pictures, the better.  We loved working with Peggy from Events Specialist.  She ensured the day ran smoothly and it really did.



sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures001 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures002 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures003

sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures004 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures005 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures006 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures007 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures008 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures009 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures010 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures011 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures012 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures013 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures014 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures015 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures016 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures017 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures018 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures019 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures020 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures021 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures022 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures023 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures024 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures025 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures026 sherwood_country_club_wedding_pictures027


Sherwood Country Club

Destination Wedding at Jade Mountain St. Lucia

When Chris told me we booked a wedding in St Lucia, my bags we already packed. Photographing a Destination Wedding at Jade Mountain St. Lucia has been on our list of must see places for years. The luxurious Jade Mountain Resort may have been one of the best experiences with a camera I’ve ever had. Jade Mountain is known as one of the top luxury resorts in the Caribbean and is famous for its views, beauty, remoteness, and tranquility. Even the lobby at Jade Mountain is amazing, as it sits in the treetops overlooking the rainforest. The warm breeze and crystal blue water and bright green mountains greeted us to a Caribbean paradise. The local staff were so amazing, I felt my working vacation had officially started. Destination Wedding Photographers definitely have perks! Jade Mountain and Anse Chastai pride themselves on keeping the resort ‘One with Nature’. So with that philosophy, came a short hike up to a charming room balcony overlooking the forest, with an open air rooms, draped mosquito nets over the beds and no tv or phone. It felt nice to “unplug.” As charming as the songs of the birds, frogs and  insects were at night, it was so loud we actually needed earplugs to sleep!

The wedding ceremony took place overlooking the iconic Grand Pitons and the bay. Picture Postcard Perfection. A fun party ensued throughout the night on the beach, with the sweet island theme throughout! The next day, Lisa and Travis decided to go big with chartering a private catamaran for their guests and we did a fun trash the dress photoshoot on a remote beach. For those of you wondering about Trash the Dress sessions, here you go! What an adventure and what a wonderful place to tie the knot!


Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-1 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-2 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-4 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-5 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-6 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-9 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-12 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-13 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-14 This shot of the first look below shows the grounds nestled in the forest and the moment so perfectly! As you can see, Lisa was stunning in her gown, and her groom quite handsome himself!

Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-17 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-19 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-22 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-29 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-31 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-33 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-34 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-36 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-37 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-38 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-40 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-41 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-42 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-46 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-49 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-50 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-51 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-55 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-59 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-56 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-68 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-69 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-70 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-72 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-74 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-77 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-78 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-76 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-79 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-80 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-81 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-82 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-83 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-84 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-85 Jade-Mountain-wedding-St-Lucia-86


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La Venta Inn Wedding Photos | Kathryn and Johnny

La Venta is a a luxury oceanview estate and wedding venue in the hills of Palos Verdes Ca. It overlooks the entire bay and is one of the most scenic wedding venues in Southern California. Here are some recent photos from a super fun wedding we photographed there with Kathryn and Johnny. Check out the fun video we produced as well!


Click Play for video:



la-venta-wedding-photos-1-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-2-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-3-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-4-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-5-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-6-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-7-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-9-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-14-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-15-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-16-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-17-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-18-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-19-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-20-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-21-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-22-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-23-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-24-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-25-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-26-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-27-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-28-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-29-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-31-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-32-683x1024 la-venta-wedding-photos-33-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-34-1024x683 la-venta-wedding-photos-35-1024x683

La Venta Inn
796 Vía Del Monte, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274
(310) 373-0123


Written by Andrea Schmitt

There are few wedding venues that rival the beauty of the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. This Spanish-Mediterranean style hotel, considered one of the top wedding venues in California, is located at an incredible location right on the beach, and I can understand why Christian and Katherine chose it for their dream wedding. If you’ve never been, you must!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked like they were pulled from a wedding magazine spread, and Katherine looked like a supermodel with her stunning Jinza Jin Couture Bridal Dress and red soled Christian Louboutin heels.  They were a fun and beautiful group, with dance moves to boot! As you can see Christian and his entourage had me laughing from the start.  ‘Beautiful on the inside and out’, seemed to be the common theme with this couple, and the toasts were a testament as to what wonderful people Katherine & Christian are.  They really are a perfect match.

One of the highlights of the evening was the surprise dance that the couple had planned.  Christian showed off his charming dance moves and Katherine was swept off her feet to accompany him on the dance floor. The crowd roared and the dance floor got packed!  Then as a sweet ending of the night, Katherine surprised her new husband with his Canadian favorite – Poutine (fries & gravy).  So, like something out of a movie, the Canadians in the house began singing their national anthem. Gotta love those Canucks!

Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0001 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0002 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0003 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0006 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0007 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0009 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0010 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0011 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0012 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0013 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0014 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0016 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0017 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0018 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0019 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0020 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0021 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0022 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0026 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0027 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0028 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0029 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0030 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0031 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0032 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0033 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0035 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0036 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0037 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0040 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0042 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0043 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0044 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0045 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0046 Biltmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding_0047





1260 Channel Dr, Santa Barbara CA 93108



A big thanks to Rebecca with Imagine Weddings and Special Events, as she always manages to make her events perfect.

Bridal Gown: Jinza Jin Couture Bridal, San Francisco, CA

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Cake/Dessert Bar: Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, CA

DJ/Band:  Gavin Roy Presents

Florist: Laura Sangas, Cody Floral, Santa Barbara, CA

Makeup: Tomiko Taft, Santa Barbara, CA

Hair:  Kendal Shira, San Francisco, CA, Cinta Salon

Invites: Lazaro Design, Santa Barbara, CA

Officiant: Rev. Suzanne Dunn, Pastor, Santa Barbara, CA

Planner:  Rebecca Gigandet, Imagine SB

String Quartet – The Aurora Ensemble

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