One and Only Ocean Club Destination Wedding

We had the pleasure of flying down to Nassau Bahamas this month to photograph the wedding of Lauren and Dickie at the incredible One and Only Ocean Club Destination Wedding. We love photographing destination weddings and this one was amazing. The most important factor on a wedding day for us is having enough time to create the types of images we are known for. But in tropical locations, weather can often be challenging with rain and wind, as it was on this particular wedding day. But hopefully if we did our job right, you would never know it from looking at these photos.

The rain stopped just a couple minutes before the ceremony started. We loved the stormy look especially with the dramatic Cloisters as the backdrop. The Cloisters are the 14th century remains of a French Monastery. It was originally purchased and imported to the US by newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst and later bought by Huntington Hartford and brought to the grounds of the One and Only Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

After a beautiful sunset ceremony, I set up to take a few stellar portraits that showcased the location and beautiful couple. Later, Lauren the bride, was surprised by Dickie with a live performance by country singer Ray Scott who wrote their first dance song. He flew down the band to perform their hit song Never Wanna Be Without You and play a mini concert for the guests. Now that’s romantic!

The guests feasted on a delicious menu catered by the One and Only Resort and enjoyed Ray’s live performance well into the night. At the end of the evening, we convinced the wedding party to end the night right with everyone jumping into the pool. That ended with me joining them as you can see in the last photo!

Boy do we love our Destination Weddings!


One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_001 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_002 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_004 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_005 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_006 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_007 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_008 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_009 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_010 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_011 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_012 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_013 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_014 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_015 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_016 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_018 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_019 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_020 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_021 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_022 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_023 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_024 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_025 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_026 One-and-Only-Ocean-Club-Bahamas_027

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The Majestic Downtown Los Angeles Wedding by Andrea Schmitt

Carrie ann and Franceso  held their wedding at the unique and historic The Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles. I always said I could listen to a room full of Italians all night. I love the language and the accents, the way they passionately talk with their hands, the hearty laughs and non stop kisses on grandparents, babies, friends and loves. Francesco’s family is Italian so between the family, the food and the fun, this was a fantastic celebration!

This glamorous wedding took place at the historic Majestic Halls in downtown LA. The Majestic Halls is the old stock exchange building from the 20’s that has been converted to an events venue with a cool vintage vibe.The historic richness of the building combined with the classic décor makes it truly majestic. The lavish 32-foot high-coffered ceilings are adorned with hand-painted frescoes and bronze ornamentation that turn this architectural masterpiece into an elegant and luxurious venue.

But let me start with the amazing bride, Carrie Ann. Carrie Ann could have walked off a Society Page with the style she put together. The dress by and the insane shoes sent me over the top! Wondering where the massive foot came from? She got ready at the Standard Hotel in downtown , so we had a great city backdrop for the getting ready photos. We also chose to take some fun portraits at one of my favorite downtown spots, the Disney Concert Hall. The old bank vault at Majestic Halls, is another untraditional backdrop for photos which is so unique.

And then came the flash mob. Yes, I said flash mob. At a wedding. Carrie Ann planned it as a surprise and it was a success! Francesco was so surprised he asked her: “why are the waiters starting to dance like that?” Then some of their guests whom were in on her secret, joined in and it was a hit! Whoop to a bride who likes to mix things up a bit! Three locations, Dancing, a flash mob, specialty cocktails, amazing food, a photobooth. Whew! This wedding had it all.


The-Majestic-Downtown_023 The-Majestic-Downtown_025 The-Majestic-Downtown_026 The-Majestic-Downtown_027

Coordinator: Deanna Nash Events

The Majestic Downtown650 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA  90014  (213) 278-7162

Sherwood Country Club Wedding with Vincent and Isabel

by Andrea Schmitt

This Sherwood Country Club Wedding with Vincent and Isabel was really a special one. Vincent Mastrangelo, with a name like that you have no choice to be a good looking, sharp dressed, stand up guy from back east. Vinny is that guy. And on a warm summer day at Sherwood Country Club, he married the sweet and beautiful love of his life Isabel. Vincent took a lot of care in picking out his custom tailored grey 3 piece suit. And for the perfect accessory he had a family heirloom timepiece which added extra sentimental value.
He may look sharp, but the bride always shines brighter, and Isabel was stunning. Isabel also added some sentimental touch, which was to sew her “something old and something blue” into her dress. I love such carefully thought out details.

The emotion started as soon as the first look took place and Vinny saw Isabel for the first time before the ceremony. We always recommend doing a first look and this is a big part of the reason. They shared an emotional private moment and Vincent had tears of joy when he turned to see her for the first time. We all got choked up!

Like most girls, I love flowers, so every wedding when the flowers arrive, they catch my attention. Florist is n artist. Her expertise and passion for flowers is obvious in her arrangements. I can capture a picture but you’ll have to image the scent!

The emotion continued during the ceremony and few dry eyes as they read their personally written vows. A very close friend officiated the wedding, and like a good friend should, he started it out with a joke and ended it with shot of Jamison’s Irish Whiskey! This kicked off a hopping party and heartfelt toasts.

Some brides these days like to change into a party dress midway through the reception, so when Isabel came on the dance floor with her new dress she was surrounded by more oohs and ahhs and crazy dancing.
We wrapped up the night, by sneaking the happy couple away for one last romantic shot under the cloudless star filled summer night. They look amazing right!?


Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_001 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_002 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_003 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_004 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_005 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_006 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_007 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_008 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_009 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_010 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_011 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_012 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_013 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_014 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_015 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_016 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_017 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_018 Sherwood-Country-Club-Wedding_019

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