San Ysidro Ranch Wedding Santa Barbara | Scott + Kejuen

by Andrea Schmitt

There is a reason why people come to Santa  Barbara from all over the world.  Even Oprah has has home in Montecito, and personally I can see why. 

I’m a west coast girl.  I may be biased but it’s places like San Ysidro Ranch that keep Santa Barbara on the map in travel magazines and on honeymooners’ list.

If you want historic and organic beauty for your wedding day, come to the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecido.  Scott and Kejuen chose to be married here on a picturesque California weekend in June.  

Anticipating the June rain that barely came, this group from NYC didn’t let that stop the party that resumed for basically 24 hours straight!  The entire bridal party was full of fun energy and so so so much fun! And damn good looking if I may add.

Kejuen’s presence was one of pure loveliness.  The 2 piece dress by — was perfection and she wore it with such elegance… Just look at this photo. Straight from a magazine! 

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So, at mid reception toasts, we never know what to expect.  But, today was a first! What a surprise when sister/and matron of honor, grabbed a sword, yes a sword, and a bottle of champagne, and proceeded to open it with success!

As a west coast girl, I must admit that the last song of the night made me wish I was a east coast girl.  When the live band-which absolutely kicked ASS by the way-( see below) played ‘New York’, by Alicia Keys, the crowd was fueled.  

Under cool skies and star filled night, the music ended, but this party wasnt ending!  A few golf carts hijacked, and a party bus proceeded to the next stop which I’m sure continued on into the wee hours of the morning.  

Damn, you New Yorkers can party! 

Wedding Venue: San Ysidro Ranch                                                                                                                                                                             Wedding Coordinator: Tonya Szele – Soigné Productions | Contact:
Band: LA Allstars | Contact:
Hair and Makeup: La Rouge | Contact:
Lighting: Cristina Bentley – Bella Vista Designs | Contact:,
Harp/Violin: Laurie Rasmussen: Contact:

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Trump National Golf Course Wedding | Arielle + Brian

by Andrea Schmitt

Seriously, Arielle and Brian could have been models for a wedding magazine!  As you can see Arielle’s elegance and natural beauty made everyone gasp.  This dress truly was a work of art, so of course the shoes had to be Jimmy Choos!

It’s weddings like this that make me want to get married again.  The fantastic details, the fun, and the love was nonstop!  And the Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific was magnificent!  Arielle and her mom perfected all the details with the expert help from DNT Elite Events.  I LOVED the florals that Taka from BeBuds did!  Look at the Chuppah, the aisle decor and these centerpieces!

As the pictures show, the wedding party was beautiful and full of FUN FUN energy!  They started the reception out with a blast, and the toasts from the night had the crowd laughing and crying with stories from her childhood, his friends, and their love for their dog.  Yes, that is a cake of the dog!

Congrats to this beautiful couple (inside and out I may add) Arielle & Brian… and of course your 4 legged baby!


Wedding Venue: Trump National Golf Club, Palos Verdes, CA
Event Coordinator: Naomi Takahashi – DNT Elite Events |
Make-Up: Suzie Moldovan |
Hair: Sarah Tevis | 949.610.4766 |
Wedding Cake: Trump National Golf Club (florals by Bebuds Florist)
Florals: Taka |BeBuds Florist |
Lighting and Dancefloor: Jack Hou | TMMPro |
Music/Band: Glen & Hanford |American Events Network |
Videography: Aaron Eisenburg |Reel Life Pictures|
Venue Contact: Katie Kimose, Trump National Golf Course | main: 310.303.3260

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Beautiful Bacara Resort Wedding with Justin and Michelle

by Andrea Schmitt

Some couples have it all.  

Enter: Michelle and Justin. They are so in love, so fun, and absolutely beautiful on the inside and out!  Their love and happiness was infectious on their wedding day.   

First let me say, I love a man that can cry.  Sorry Justin-I’m kinda throwing you under the bus on this one.  But seriously, Justin and Michele’s ‘first look’, was so beautiful and emotional you could feel their hearts bursting with joy.  Chris Schmitt (photographer),  Brian Starkman (videographer), and of course me and the bride and groom were all in tears.  The moment Justin and Michelle saw each other the love and the happiness resonated throughout.  That private moment when he turned and saw his bride- her dress, her smile, he covered his mouth and just shook his head in amazement and then the hug and the kiss.  Look at this picture! It captures it… Are you tearing up yet?

Plus, to make it even more incredible, the location for this wedding was at THE dream location, Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara CA.  

Look at this wedding ceremony view!  It is perfection.  She wanted to enter through big doors and leave with inflatable beach balls while the Beatles song “All You Need is Love” played.  So cute!

Also worth mentioning is the chuppah.  It has been passed on for generations with each couples names embroidered, so it had very special significance to the family. The ladies at Rock Rose Floral dod an amazing job with florals at this wedding!

But the most popular photo op was probably the “Love” sign below overlooking the beautiful Pacific coast. Thank you to the wedding party for putting up with me and making them all pose on the sign when the rain looked like it may mess up their hair!  

Light rain came and went throughout the afternoon, but that didn’t ruin a thing for their day.  The heartfelt toasts and dances, cigars, s’mores, and then the dance party that ensued (all accompanied by mini Fireballs provided by the father) made this day a fantastic memory for all involved.  

It has been said that “rain on your wedding day is good luck”.  Not that these two need it.  

All you need is Love.

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Wedding Venue: Bacara Resort and Spa, 8301 Hollister Ave. Goleta, CA 93117
Catering: Bacara Resort and Spa
Event Coordinator: Wedding Kate Events | 805.963.6064 |
Make-Up and Hair: Elizabeth Sokol | Contact: 818.480.2446
Wedding Cake: Lele Patisserie | 805.252.7392 |
Florals: Rock Rose Floral Design | 805.966.9626 |
Lighting: Bella Vista Lighting | 805.966.9626 |
Rentals: Tent Merchant | 805.963.6064 |
Videography: Brian Starkman| 818.703.6993 |
Music: West Coast Music | 310.278.6848 |

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Bacara Resort Santa Barbara Wedding| Sacha and David

We had the pleasure of photographing Sacha and David’s beautiful wedding at one of our favorites wedding venues, The Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara CA. Bacara resort is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Southern California. It’s spanish style charm offers more scenic and picturesque vantage points than almost anywhere else.

What a beautiful couple and Sacha looked gorgeous on her wedding day! What better way to show off her baby bump than in couture wedding gown, floral crown by Butterfly floral and Louboutins!  Big thanks to Maryam from Delicate Details for her expertise in wedding coordination and making sure the day went off smooth as could be.

#gettinggleibed2016, #bacara

Bacara-Wedding-Photo-6 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-8 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-9 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-10 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-12 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-18 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-20 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-21 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-22 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-23 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-24 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-25


Bacara Resort Santa Barbara Wedding| Sacha and DavidBacara-Wedding-Photo-26 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-27 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-28 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-29 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-30 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-32 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-35 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-36 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-37 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-39 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-40 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-41 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-43 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-44 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-45 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-46 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-47 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-48 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-49 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-51 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-52 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-53 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-54 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-55 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-56 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-57 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-58 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-59 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-60 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-61 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-62 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-63 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-64 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-65 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-66 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-67 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-68 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-69 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-70 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-71 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-72 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-73 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-74 Bacara-Wedding-Photo-75

Wedding Venue: Bacara Resort and Spa, 8301 Hollister Ave. Goleta, CA 93117
Event Coordinator: Delicate Details |
Wedding Florist: Butterfly Floral |

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